Jerusalem Experience UK










Making a Booking


Please contact us well in advance to avoid disappointment,

by emailing


We provide the exhibition and 250 copies of A5 advertising leaflets, without charge.


You provide the venue and distribute the leaflets, please.


Arrangements are flexible. The exhibition can be staged for any number of days, including over a weekend. Our team usually has two or three staff.


School groups (KS2) can be invited to attend your venue, maximum two classes per day.




Setting up the model temple takes half a day. Setting up the full exhibition with giant screen, blacking out windows, rearranging seating etc, can take a full day, depending on local volunteer assistance.


Packing up the exhibition takes about three hours.




Adequate road access for our transit van and trailer, plus safe parking is needed. We may check the suitability of a venue in advance.

Sample Evening Programme


For an evening event we suggest up to a 30-minute guided tour of the model, followed by up to one hour for the illustrated talk and on-screen presentation. So an evening’s session could run from 8pm to 9.30pm.


Sample Weekend Programme


Many venues request that the exhibition is open all day Saturday for invited guests, then the model and/or presentations are available for the local congregation on the Sunday.


Friday: set up takes most of the day. If required an evening pre-view programme can be run for a limited number of visitors who cannot attend at other times.


Saturday: a rolling programme of one hour sessions for visitors, say from 10am to closing at 5pm.


Sunday: exhibits/presentations available during services. Pack up in the evening. Depart Monday morning.


Schools & Youth Groups


We provide a short on-screen historical presentation followed by a tour of the model. Then a practical activity using 3D-printed mini-models.


School groups also benefit from the 3D video.