Jerusalem Experience UK









Main Exhibit: The Temple Model


This new model of Herod’s Temple was designed to allow a group of viewers to stand around its perimeter while enjoying a guided tour given by one of our knowledgable staff.


Various different lighting effects enhance the scene, highlighting the individual courts and buildings as they are described.


The model becomes more animated with the use of several concealed audio speakers which enable visitors to hear the common languages spoken at the time: Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin.


Sound effects also include silver trumpet blasts, the blowing of a shofar, samples of music and singing, and the sheep at the northern gate.


Future Features


When permanently sited in St Albans it is planned to further enhance the model by projecting video down onto the various courtyards.


The Antonia Fortress

Looking inside this section of the model, to the Temple’s north east, viewers can see the intricately painted figures of Roman troops, and hear the military commands given in Latin.

Temple Model: The Detail


With the use of 3D-printing, parts of this model are shown in great detail. The columns are all capped with gold painted printed capitals.


The four 70ft tall lampstands which stood in the Court of the Women are modelled with side ladders, each fitted with four tiny LED lamps.


Items in the forecourt of the Sanctuary include the altar with smoking fire, the copper laver with lifting gear, and the area for sacrifice.