The NBEC:  A Walk-Through Bible                                     January 2022


This project is being developed by Bible Ventures, a UK-based charity launched in 2005. The charity’s team has built a number of educational/evangelistic exhibitions, including the travelling Emmaus Road Show and the static Jerusalem Experience.


The vision which inspired this latest venture showed the floor-plan for a permanent exhibition, and initial designs have recently been drafted. Seen above is an artist's impression of the forecourt of the planned National Biblical Exhibition Centre.


Displays illustrating key events recorded in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, are staged in four large exhibition halls. Visitors can journey through biblical history by following a circular route within the building complex.


The aim is to keep the exhibits engaging and interactive, using high-tech methods of presentation where appropriate. A typical tour lasts two hours, plus an optional visit to the first floor "Kinneret Cafe" with its lakeside theme, seen below.

The central enclosed garden, with its olive-press and examples of biblical plants, provides a breakout zone for visitors to relax and reflect on what they have experienced in the exhibition.

The first exhibition hall contains a 3D cinema. The tour begins with a 10-minute film illustrating the early chapters of the Book of Genesis. This is followed by a visit to a two-room display about Noah's Ark and the evidence for a global flood.  

The exhibition is designed for all age groups, with augmented-reality devices providing as much depth of information as required. After learning about biblical flora and fauna, visitors venture into the "wilderness" to experience something of the Israelites' awe-inspiring encounter with the living God at Sinai.


A full-size replica of the Tabernacle is one of the exhibition’s major exhibits. Visitors enter the sanctuary for a sound & light show, while an ultra-wide-screen presentation illustrates the lives and journeys of Abraham, Moses and Joshua.

A "time tunnel" links Old and New Testament eras, illustrating the period in Israel's history from Joshua to Jesus. Half the display area highlights prophecies concerning the long-awaited Messiah, the final exhibit being a model of a Bethlehem house.

Next stop is Galilee. Visitors explore a replica village scene with life-size furnished houses and workshops, and learn about Jesus' early ministry in the region.

Final displays focus on events in Jerusalem. An extensive model of the city which Jesus knew is linked with an audio-visual presentation on a panoramic screen, which illustrates His various encounters in the Temple and its vicinity, and includes the Gospel message. (The model is taller than pictured below).

The tour concludes with a look at the past 2.000-year histories of the Church and the Jewish people, both involved in God's plan for the end of the current age, with the return of Yeshua (Jesus), and the prophesied future of humanity.

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Bible Ventures is registered charity number 1112501